Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hey All,
We are so excited to be going to a wonderful, awesome, cool, neato, super, fantastic, interesting, sexy, lovely, amazing, topnotch, first-rate, tiptop, off the chain, off the hook, wicked, excellent, gnarly, insane, fly, crazy, hot, sweet, rad, tight, by the way, did I say neato, workshop this July!!!! We are going to LOVE AFFAIR WORKSHOP in Atlanta July 28- 31. I have been wanting to go for 2 years and Molly and I are finally going. We'll to be learning lots and lots of helpful stuff for our business side of work and lots of neat lighting and shooting skills too! This workshop is only for women, taught by 4 amazing women. We love them! Anyway, check out the Love Affair Blog and sign up if anyone is interested.   Go to 

We'll be staying at the cool W Hotel in Atlanta and I very excited about that too :) Anyway. I just wanted share this with everyone. Thanks! love Cristina 

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greta, smitten photos said...

how exciting!!!! wish we could tag along! hey molly, when's the smittenfly workshop start? we need a projected start date! :)