Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kell + Kody = Kuties

Hey Everyone!
Molly here...
So, I like to think that I'm really good with kids when I photograph them...most of the time.
I don't know if it's just that I was having an off day for children's entertainment, or the fact that these two boys were just not that into me. They liked me for about 30 seconds when I arrived.
Thank goodness for mom, dad, and a silly sister, who helped get a few giggles out of them!

Kell & Kody are twin one year olds...and oh my gosh, so cute. You can tell they are constantly learning new things. They were in their own world...picking things up and examining them...and barking at the neighbor's dog. Too cute! I could tell who was who when I was photographing them, but when I got home to edit.. I couldn't. So I tried to tell who was who, but mom...if I get it wrong, please forgive me. I know you know which one is which!

First Up: Kody (I think)

He sticks his tongue out quite often. I love it! Such a silly boy.

AH-HA! Bet you didn't know I switched. Those two photos above are KELL (I think).
I love his laugh.

We even got a few of big sister, Shelby!
She was telling me all about her crickets that she had just let go.
She reminds me of me at her age. I had rolly-pollies as pets!

Here they are...see..told you... I didn't photoshop a duplicate. They look THAT much alike.

Uh-oh...not happy break.

I love this one. I showed them the spikey seed balls, and they were VERY interested. I love Kell's expression.. I think that's Kell.. I don't know.

Brother love!

My fav... they were "woof"ing at the dog next door.

And.. I think I'll leave you with this last one. hahah!
Is it bad that I think crying babies are cute? It's not like I made them cry on purpose.

Kell: "Why is that lady still here?"
Kody: " I don't knowwww.. Make her go awayyyyy"

I had fun with these two precious kiddos. I hope to see them for two year old portraits!


ohana photographers - david , kim & april said...

way too cute! love the stickin tongue one!

greta, smitten photos said...

they are adorable!! love the one of them both crying and the one where they're picking up those pokey thingies and one's making a funny face!