Thursday, March 26, 2009

Carolyn + Lilah Kate, sisterly love

Hey Everyone! Molly here! A couple of weeks ago, Carolyn and Lilah Kate's mama took advantage of the Easter portrait special that we had. I have known Carolyn's parents for a lllllloooonnng time. We all went to different schools, so I didn't get to meet Carolyn until just last year, when we all moved to the same town. Carolyn has this bright inquisitive personality that I LOVE. This time, I got to meet little miss Lilah Kate, as well. She is only 2 months old, but she is so big! She has baby rolls galore, and is super long. It *almost* makes me want to think about having one. But no.
Anyway, Carolyn is a great big sister, and sometimes loves Lilah Kate a little too much. Oh, and their mama MADE their outfits, right down to the tutus!

Lilah Kate really wasn't into this whole model thing, just yet.

This one is possibly my favorite. Either this one or the next one..can't decide.
They are just too gorgeous.

Or maybe the left one?

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greta, smitten said...

your first fave is my fave, and also the one where lil bit is hiding her face. these are some beautiful girls, and i love their classic names!! great job as always ladyfriends!