Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What's Better Than Part B? Part-AY!!

So, Saturday was Cristina's bachelorette party... It was a lot of fun! Props to her great friends who organized the party and traveled hours to be there on this night of bachelorette fun. There were many "interesting" decorations, favors, and games! We went to Osaka (Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi) in Tallahassee for dinner. It was deeeelicious! I mean, what meal isn't good while large flames are directly in front of you? Anyway..here's to Cristina's last days as a bachelorette!
(Which is the reason many of you may be wondering where her blogs have been. She's a busy woman!)

SOME of us got a little carried away with the party horns.

Which resulted in deep laughter/ dimple display from our girl of the night.

To the left: The whole gang, To the left: Man who called me chubby repeatedly (for some unknown reason) but made up for it by making giant flames!

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greta, smitten photography said...

these are so great! it looks like it was a lot of fun! your exposure and editing look really great on these molly!!