Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Elaine!!

Hey everyone, Molly here!
So, awhile back, my cousins decided that they wanted to do something special for their mom for her! What a cool gift. It was a miracle to get everyone at the same place and time for the shoot, but it happened! We all agreed that the best place to shoot would be my grandmother's old farm. "The farm" was a place where, for a number of my younger years, we would go for family gatherings. We fished, drove my dad's Oldsmobile out in the cow pasture, got my dad's Oldsmobile stuck in the cow pasture (oops..), and tortured many field rats that probably had hearing issues after we banged sticks against their home in the troughs. This was the place that we, as kids, reeked havoc... so we decided to return once more for shoots (sadly it isn't in the family any more but the owners are nice enough to let us come "feed the 'gator").
Anyway, they surprised my aunt with the photos yesterday on her b-day!

I had to post a shot with my favorite barn in the back.
It was particularly great for jumping from the loft into hay (which was filled with itchy bugs).
I love these next two's so "them". They each have very distinct personalities.