Monday, October 6, 2008

Dr. G and the Fam

Hey everyone! It's Molly again!
There are a few families that I have been shooting every fall for about three years, so naturally I get excited when this time of year rolls around. I get to see the family grow! Family portraits are a nice break from weddings..a different kind of challenge. Everyone knows I love kids, but I especially love a family who will trust me with their kids and their photos. Most kids tend to be more "themselves" when parents watch from afar, and these kiddos are no different. They are so much fun, and very energetic! I was even treated to a dance-a-thon, of sorts!I think these are the best smiles we got all day! And besides...
What family portrait is complete without a family cat?
Josie does the best angelic pose.

Nathan is gonna' be a ladies man.. what, with those big muscles and all ;)

I think this one is my favorite of theirs. haha!

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greta, smitten photography said...

aw! i remember nathan from when i was a teacher's aid at the montessori school. he has grown so much! i LOVE the last shot!!! way to go molly!!!