Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shaner + Britt

Cristina & I shot Shaner & Britt's e-session on Saturday in Milledgeville. Shaner, Cristina, and I all met at Georgia College & State University, so we were delighted when Shaner asked us to shoot her and Britt. Shaner and I exhibited together for our senior exhibits..she is an absolutely amazing acrylic photo-realist painter. Anyway, we are also shooting their wedding in August and can not wait, because this couple is so sweet and I think it shows that they are super in love.

Watch out Shaner, it's the Britt monster!

Who says crack alley's aren't beautiful? This alley is pretty scary at first glance but it is my secret garden in Milledgeville. The light is always perfect back there. But make sure you don't drop your sweater back there.

Shaner has this intense model look that both Cristina and I ate up. Move over crazy Tyra, she's America's Next Top Model.

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