Friday, May 16, 2008

Family Shots

Hello all. Cristina asked me to blog some family portraits, and I swear I was gonna do it earlier..but I got distracted by photography blogs (they are my weakness). Three hours later, I am being obedient, as I realized I have to get up for a shoot in a few hours. I overcame my ADD, and here they are. I guess someone out there in cyber land really likes family photos?
We try to concentrate on the bride and groom on their wedding day, but also like to get a few shots of the fam (after all, you couldn't do it without them). We don't do overly posed photos, its not our style, so make sure you like our style before you book us (but I hope you like it)!

We do small groupings, medium groupings, or super gigantic groupings if you like.

We can do formal and silly.

We can do both sides of really big families. (Generally, we only shoot immediate family on the day of the wedding, but this couple opted to get more family shots and to a "couple" session the day after their wedding when they were more relaxed).

Informal or Formal

Two perspectives from two great photographers.

Something fun and something sweet.

Something outdoors or something indoors.

I hope this was what I was supposed to blog. If not, let me know and I will re-blog.. if that is a thing. Ohhh, the bed is calling me. G'night!

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