Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lord, I was born a ramblin' woman...

Hey everyone, this is Molly.
Cristina and I made a trip to the Atlanta area this weekend. We had a great time and met some absolutely awesome people. We had 3 Funtabulous photoshoots. We were lucky that Cristina has some great friends who let us drive her car (because Cristina's is on the fritz...thanks elisa) or crash with her in a new home (thanks jess, noah, and hazel you nut).
Anyway, I've really been trying to step back and take a look at my life in its transitional state. Graduating, getting married, starting a's becoming very real, and I haven't been this happy or excited about life for a very long time. It takes good clients, good friends (which are hard to come by), and great family...and lately I've been feeling pretty positive on all of those things.
I google mapped where I have been since I graduated a week and a half ago. It told me I had been 1,301 miles. That kind of scares me that I have traveled all over Georgia and parts of Florida, and I wonder if that's an indicator of how life is going to be. If so, I hope gas prices fall soon.

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Greta said...

Congrats in all your success and I wish you tons more of it in the coming years. I feel connected to ya'll even though Molly, I haven't seen you in years, and have never even met Cristina in person! We are going through some very similar things in life. I know exactly how you feel. Reality is just unreal sometimes! :)