Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stephanie + Craig ::The Wedding Day::

Hey everyone! Molly here!
Last month, we photographed Stephanie and Craig's beautiful wedding at Sundown Farms Plantation in Moultrie. It is one of our favorite new locations in the area! We knew we would like Stephanie and Craig from their engagement session. My FAVORITE thing about these two is the way they look at each other. It's really really cute. I'm thinking they need a combo-celeb name like Crephanie Or Staig.

This first post is all about their wedding day. We had too many portraits that we loved, so we made a different post about that. Click here to see those.

Flower girl getting beautified.

Crephanie chose to do a private reveal before hand
(which we LOVED because it rained all around that time)

I love love this shot that C grabbed.

After the couple's portraits, we did a couple of the bridal party!

Then, right before their outdoor wedding was scheduled to start, the sky fell... pretty literally. We were all at a loss for what to do.

The winds were INSANE during the storm. It took this tent on a short-lived flight around the courtyard of the plantation and took several family members, friends, coordinators, a plantation worker, and possible a photographer to wrestle it down.

However, Stephanie was wayyy more calm about it than I think most brides would be. They opted to move the guests under the porch for a more intimate ...less moist...ceremony.

See? One more example of how Craig looks at her to make sure she's still smiling.

The absolutely GORGEOUS ceremony site was not a waste. It made for some great portraits.
(more on the portrait blog post)

Hey Staig, that's a nice guestbook and canvas wrap you got there! :)

These two did a fake leave so that the guests who wanted to could stick around and party.

Then the party started!

I learned some interesting dance moves from this guy.

Once again.. interesting dance moves should be noted.

Everyone went crazy when the band threatened to go on break.

That guy was really very good. I'm not sure how he kept from passing out.

We'll leave you with some love...

Don't forget to check out their portraits!

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