Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lindsay + Doug ::Duluth, GA::

Hey Everyone, eh! Molly here, eh! (for the Canadian readers)

Last month, C and I headed up to the Lawrenceville/Duluth to photograph Lindsay and Doug's wedding at the lovely Payne Corley House. We have been looking forward to this wedding for quite a while now. You see, Lindsay's sister, Kim, was my roommate in college. We used to spend hours watching Judge David Young, "discussing" politics :), and yelling "It's my money and I need it now" out the back door. So when I met Lindsay a couple of years ago I already liked her from all of the stories Kim had told me.

It's funny, because I can remember when she told me that Lindsay had started dating Doug . I remember thinking that he had 3 very opinionated Murdoch women to go through before he could win the heart of the Lindsay. But it worked...he did it...and I'm glad he did because they make a great couple!

Ok, eh.. here's a sneak peak for all of you Canadians and Georgians. Turn down the hockey game and give your full attention to these photos.

Lindsay's daughter, Riley, kept us entertained like alllllll day.

Soccer in one room/Hair-dressin' in the other.

Riley decided that Uncle Cory needed some color.

I love Kim's confused face. Poor Lindsay. It was SO HOT that day.

They decided to do a first sight, which was very sweet.

I like how happy she looks here.

A moment to catch some details before the ceremony..

Ceremony time!

She was winking at Riley. Cute.

I very much "lol"ed when I saw how Riley was looking at them during the kiss.

Yay! I'm SO glad they saved the yummy light for portraits.

Then, it was party time!

So, Riley, looks like you found a summer love. Call us when you get married, k?

Lindsay's 4 crazy siblings all helped with the toast, complete with a Kanye spoof.

That's some serious sass Mrs. Nance :D

We have proof. Doug sang.

Drop it like it's hot!!

So, the one on the right is uber cropped in, but I wanted to show the hilarity that is this photo.

Riley takes after her mama and busts a move.

Thanks Lindsay and Doug for being generally awesome and not punching us in the face because it was SO friggin' hot.

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