Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April + Joe :: Thomasville, Ga Wedding Photography ::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!
We recently blogged April's bridals, so you already know how beautiful she is. But you haven't met her super sweet hubby, Joe.

I don't know that we have ever physically seen any of our couples work so hard for their wedding photography. We know all of our couples do work hard so that they can use us, but we watched April, Joe, and her family refinish our hardwood floors at the studio. Every time I see our floors when I go up to the studio (which by the way still isn't finished), I say "mmmmmmmm" out loud because it looks SO good.

What I like about April and Joe? They are very real..and I love that. There is no fakeness to them. They are open and loving. He didn't try to be cool and impress his friends on his wedding day. She didn't try to be the "perfect woman" in front of her family and guests. They were there for each other...which is how it always should be =).

First, I'll throw one in of how nasty our floors were. (see Joe and Mr. Dale scraping the nasty)

Fast-forward a few months..
Ok, then on to the wedding day!

April had a whole session to herself, so we wanted to showcase her man a little bit too!

Some details that I loved...

April's grandfather performed the ceremony, which I think is a special touch!

Then on to the reception! Joe is a drummer, so naturally the grooms cake needed to be drums!

April and Joe had a friend who couldn't make it to their wedding because he had to work, so he circled the reception 3 times in his work plane to show them he was there! I thought it was great!

I don't know how I missed this! April's parents sure know how to boogey!

Love this moment between April's sister and dad.

Then, Joe and his buddy impressed us all with his beat-boxing skillz.

Then their guests pulverized them with bird seed!

Last but not least... the portraits...

OOOO, April, I think it's time for a triple blade ;). And Joe.. I like that rugged look you're going for. HAHA!!

Thanks for letting us hang with y'all on your big day!

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