Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Roxanne + Michael ::Moultrie, GA Wedding Photographer::

Hey everyone! Molly here!
Our first wedding of the year was a great one. It was a chilly, but beautiful day at Trinity Baptist Church, in Moultrie when we went to photograph Michael and Roxanne.
Roxanne and Michael were very sweet and had a super lively bridal party. Cristina even got mooned. I ALMOST included the photo in the blog post...

Their families were super nice, and since the wedding, every time I smile, I think of saying "Wowww" outloud. =)
I know Roxanne and the fam. are anxious to see these, so I will get right to it!

Michael and Roxanne chose to see each other beforehand, which allowed for plenty of time for photos! Thanks for letting us have time to be creative, you two.

Then we rocked it out with the fabulous bridal the freezing cold.

Silly, silly boys.

Huddle together for warmth ladies!!

Heaven is Michael's sister.. A special lady and flower girl for the day of the wedding.

Then, it was time for some good old fashioned lovin' appropriate of course.

Love these next two!

I love that Heaven watched and giggled in the background. I can just see her thinking "My brother is kissing a girl! haha!"

I LOVE this one that C grabbed. How gorgeous in Roxanne in this one?!

Michael, stop bein' all suave and debonair.


There was laughter and nerves right before the ceremony..

And then ALL THOSE BELLS began to ring, and we knew what would happen next.

Then it was party time! The reception was held at the Colquitt County Center for the Arts!

First Dance...

It always chokes me up to see a daddy fighting off tears while dancing with his girl.

The kiddos started the boo-gee-in ..

...BUT it didn't take long for everyone else to catch on!

Thanks Roxanne and Michael for letting us be a part of your special day!! I'm glad you're warm now...


Sharon said...

Thank you Molly and Christina! You did a fantastic job! I look at these and all I can say is..WAAOOOWWW!

Lindsi Jones Photography said...

These are pretty guys! I shot a wedding at the same church with the reception at that same venue, this past June. I really liked both places. The light in that bride room was awesome!