Thursday, February 18, 2010

Carrie + Seth ::Cairo, GA Wedding Photographer::

Note: This blog is heavy with images. Please give it a second to load and enjoy it as you would Cairo syrup.. (?I don't know).

Hey everyone! Molly here!
Last month, Cristina and I photographed Carrie and Seth's wedding in Cairo, Ga. We had worked with the couple before, so we were excited about doing their wedding. We knew they were gonna be hot stuff!
I love how Carrie and Seth interact with each other. It seems to be very natural for them to love on each other. Also, we have to give a huge shout out to Seth for being such a good groom. We spent quite a bit of time with the couple, and he didn't complain once. So, Thanks! Carrie, give him a kiss for that 'cause not all brides are so lucky.

Carrie and Seth chose to see each other before the wedding, so we had plenty of time to explore the town!

Poor Seth had had lasik surgery on his eyes and they were very sensitive to the bright light on this beautiful day, so we told him to close his eyes and love on Carrie..

LOVE this one!

Oh my gosh! I'm trying not to write too much tonight, but I HAVE to comment on this. I am a cat woman.. I admit it. LOVE cats; so when Carrie's blue russian (Bumper Mae) showed up in the carrier for family photos, I was ECSTATIC. I joked on Carrie, but secretly I was thinking "why didn't I do that with my parent's 5 cats for my wedding?" haha!

Also, Carrie and Seth had a lot of family and friends who wanted to show their love and support. With the largest bridal party EVER at 33 people, full of fun folks who were very patient with us.

I LOVE the one on the right of Carrie. Looks like it hopped straight out of the '20's.

Almost ceremony time!

Seth watching his bride come up the aisle.

We deal with a lot of divorced families, and sometimes it gets a little hairy trying to figure out how to include everyone. I thought Carrie's idea was perfect. She had her dad walk her half-way up the aisle to symbolize the first part of her life, and her step-dad walk her the rest of the way , while her dad did a special reading.

Carrie's dad did a reading and then gave her a good luck kiss.

Her step-dad gave her away.

Next it was off to the Grady Cultural Center for a little bit of a party!

Covingtons, of Valdosta, did a fantastic job on the food. YUM.

A little first-dance-age.

Seth's mom and sister trying to hold back the tears.

Cake fight?

Some of the UGA Georgettes who came to see Carrie. We knew that because Carrie is a dancer, this would be a party!

That, coupled with the fact that the Michael Stacey Band was playing. We LOVE that band!

Thanks for letting us hang out with y'all all day. Tell Bumper Mae I said "meoow!"


Courtney said...

for real, you guys are AMAZING!! your angles, color editing, the genuine facial expressions..i could just go on!

...also, hooray cat pics. ^_^

-courtney fort

redflystudio said...

Well, Courtney, we were talking the other day and we both agreed that when/if you get married, whoever shoots your wedding, is going to have a wonderful, cool, beautiful, unique & fun bride! I can only image the neat style you could create! What a lucky photographer :)
I agree! Yay for cat women!!

SPaustian said...

I LOVE these pictures! Absolutely gorgeous!