Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jordan + Jacob ::Thomasvile, GA Wedding Photography::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!

Last month, Cristina and I shot Jordan and Jacob's wonderful fall wedding at the Thomasville Garden Club. I LOVED working with Jordan and Jacob, because they were very much into each other and totally in love. They couldn't stop laughing and their happiness was contagious!
They were surrounded by a lot of family , kids, and friends, and they somehow found a place for everyone in their wedding! I hope they realize how good they have it in finding someone who can always make the other laugh like they do.

Also, I have to apologize for the delay on getting their photos posted. We are anxiously trying to get everything edited before we head to New York this weekend.

I loved the fall colors that she incorporated into her wedding.

Jordan and Jacob opted for a first sighting. Jacob's reaction to the reveal was great!

He had to step back to admire her hotness.. I was sure he would actually jump up and down at any point.

I also have to say that we loved Jacob's English style tux. So different than anything we have had lately!

They giggled constantly.. love.

Thing #438 that I love about Georgia...moss.

Jordan and Jacob say I love you with the hand gesture a lot. It's their "thing". This photo was Jordan's idea, and I loved how it turned out!

I think Jordan and Jacob had about 14 kiddos in their wedding party. It was so much fun, and everyone did really well! We had a bro-in-law stop traffic while we all took a mad dash through the street.

I think a few crushes may have formed.

Jordan is too beautiful to NOT have a mini-session with.

Some of the kids hung out on the back of the golf-cart, while the big kids hung out on the back of the truck.

My fav shot of the day, by Cristina

Then it was time to get these two married.

I mean.. EVERYONE was excited.

First Dance...

Daddy-daughter dance.

I couldn't help but watch this young dad watching his own baby girl while the bride and her father danced.

Mother-son dance.

A love (and good food).

I really loved this series. When I asked the girls what they were doing, they told me that they were practicing for their own wedding one day. When I asked them who they were going to marry, one girl shrugged and the other told me she was going to marry the ring bearer.

Attack the cake! (and pass me a slice..that cake was GOOD).

The rest of the evening was filled with kiddos dancing.

And singing on their "stage". They had a blast!

Thank you Jordan and Jacob for your patience in letting us get these edits done well for you, and thanks for keeping us laughing and having fun too!


Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

you guys rock my face off! the bride is just stunning! :)

Shannon said...

These are great. You guys are awesome. Love every picture!