Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jennifer+Anthony Part 2 ::Thomasville, GA wedding photography::

Note: If you haven't checked out Part 1, do so now.. por favor.

Hey All! Molly here!
I realize that I am several days late blogging the remainder of Jenn and Anthony's photos. I'm sorry. Even though I paid $7 for internet at the airport, it stopped working about halfway through the second blog post. Anyway, we are home from New York City. Even though we had quite the national lampoons experience (more on that later) we had a lot of fun. I'm glad to be home, though. So now that I'm all warm and cozy and not thinking that my nose might actually have frostbite, without any further ado, I present to you Jenn and Anthony Part 2!

I thought it was cute that Jenn's dad snuck a kiss in before walking her down the aisle.

I LOVED this element in J and A's wedding. They had their parents and mentors come lay their hands on their shoulders and pray for them. It was REALLY sweet.

I like this shot of Jenn getting more kisses, I like the way Anthony is looking at his mom.

A little bit of traditionals, before fun time.

We then headed to the country club for the reception. We chased some kids off of the last hole to get some shots before it got dark. Jenn's parents had some of their wedding photos taken on the 18th hole at the same country club, so it was special for them to have similar ones.

This is kind of my fav.

Some of the guests watched!

J and A had a BREAKFAST FOR DINNER reception. Best idea EVER! (and they managed to keep it classy) .. Below..the Belgian waffle station (with LOTS of topping choices).
Never-ending love for breakfast food ensues.

First dancage.

Daddy-daughter dance. ::grabs tissue, cries for 3 minutes, hides behind camera::

Like I said.. I like to watch people's reaction to the daddy-daughter dance. For some reason, it boasts the strongest emotional charge.

After the father-daughter, it was time for the mother-son dance!

Then the party got CRAZY! I LOVE this shot that C grabbed.

Some sweet toasts were given.

Some silly toasts were given.

It was Anthony's grandmother's birthday, so he had a special dance with her in her honor.
Jenn's grandfather is very special to her also.. so they had a dance too!

Anthony's facial expressions cracked me up!

This guy was super excited to have caught the garter!

Thanks, Jenn and Anthony for letting us spend the day with you!

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