Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jenn + Eric Part 1::Columbus, GA Wedding Photographer::

Hey everyone! Molly here!

Last month we went to Columbus, GA to photograph Jenn and Eric's wedding day at the Garrett-Bullock House. We had so much fun at this wedding! Not only did we have plenty of time to spend with this couple, they were more than willing to put up with us even though it was pretty chilly that day! I think Eric kind of enjoyed lovin' on his woman to keep her warm. Eric was awesome because his sister had trained him to sit still in front of a camera..and Jenn had this classic beauty. Since the wedding, Cristina and I have been discussing how much she looks like Anne Hathaway mixed with Jennifer Garner! I mean! It's crazy... Anyway, Jenn and Eric had a beautiful ceremony and a heck-of-a-party afterward. Cristina *ALMOST* actually got a picture of me dancing.. (Never has happened. Never will. hah!)

It has taken us SO long to edit these photos because we kind of love a lot of them. It was hard deciding which ones not to use, so when Jenn gets them she's gonna be like "Oh my! There are SOOOO many!" but hopefully she will follow it with "But don't we look so hot together!"

We started the day off at the hair salon where there were lots and lots of giggles and happiness!
Jenn had a fun crew, who were pretty much down with us hanging out with them.

We then proceeded to the historic Garrett-Bullock house for preparations.

The boys had their very own house to get ready in. A feature that we NEVER see for guys. They usually get the bathroom. Luckily they were able to simultaneously get dressed AND watch football!

One quick mirror -photo with a buddy before he sees his groom!

Jenn and Eric chose to do a first-sight, which we love...

Excitement! & She showed him her blue shoes!

He looked at her like this:: with a half-smile half-serious face the whole day.
Now if only he can approach marriage the same way!!

Cristina got some Bad-A shots of the men-folk.

Love this shot of the girls..sassin' it.

Jenn's bouquet was GORGEOUS but HUUUGE. I cannot stress to you how big this bouquet was. I swear it was 50 pounds. It was hard to pose her with the bouquet without it being the subject, so it got it's own photo shoot!

mmmm. Cristina-tivity (Which is what happens when Cristina gets creative)

Meanwhile, I was up a tree and in a the same time. Believe it.

People sometimes ask us if we "fight" over shots. Not really, we've gotten it down now. These shots were taken at the same time.

(On a side note about "fighting": I know I'm being mean to Cristina when she tells me I need to go eat something. It's so true. I get mean when I'm hungry and I can't help it.)

Dad came to see his girl before he got dressed and couldn't help but getting in on the Jenn love.

Ahhh, they are awesome together.

Some cake-age deets.

I love that Cristina captured the moment when Jenn's grandma and aunt came around the corner and saw her all dolled up for the first time!

Ok, so I hardly ever post family photos on the blog, but this one was just too cute. Jenn, her siblings, and grandma- a special request photo that we loved.

She thought that she was done with photos for a minute..but nope. we still snapped while she was chillaxin.

OOOh. I know this is a long post, but stay tuned for Part 2 of Jenn + Eric. Coming to a blog near you.. in 30 minutes. Click here for Part 2.


Clint said...

Great photos, but of course they always are.

The Garrett-Bullock House said...

These are SOOOO Great! Thank you so much for being so easy to work with and coming up with such wonderful images!!

The Garrett-Bullock House

Kelly said...

LOVE! Esp. the fun ring shot and all the others!

Katy said...

Very Nice Photos, Beautiful!!!!