Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mischa + Zane Part 2::Caesar's Head, SC Wedding::

Hey guys! Molly here again!
So, this is the second Part of Mischa and Zane's big day.. The part with mystical forrests and super cold waterfalls.
The not-so-formal photos and trash-the-dress photos! We LOVE Mischa and Zane.

Love the shot that C took on the right!

Little bit o' puppy love.

Mischa swapped the boots for some nice hiking/water shoes!!

Looove this one!

Then it was time for a swim... soooo cold.

Love this one that C took! Possibly my fav!

We had a bit of an audience..
They were nice enough to move when we traveled to the waterfall.
And no one really understood why someone wanted to get in the water with their dress on. haha!

This is why...

Thanks Mischa and Zane for letting us spend a relaxing weekend with y'all!


Amie said...

wow, what a gorgeous location! Very beautiful images--nice work!

Tammi Nowack said...

WOW!WOW!WOW! These are Sooo great! What a cool couple! Color me jealous because this shoot looks like it was SOoooo fun!! Can I come next time? :)

Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

Holy Cow! These are mucho fab-o! Both this session and their wedding are my favorites that you guys have done. GREAT work!!!!!!

mischa said...

Thank you both soooo much! They are everything we hoped for and more (and by we, everyone can see that means I-hehe). I love you both! wish we could do it again, it was so much fun and totally worth every bit!

Beth Morgan said...

Ya'll are so disgustingly amazing I can't stand it :). AWESOME!!!!

ohana photographers said...

holy kick arse shots in the water!!!! jealous of that location!!

Brittney said...

Aw, I was so there when you were shooting these. I saw her get right into that water and everything! We were the ones swimming right next to you =D GREAT work! It's amazing to see you shoot the photos and see the finished results. Truly beautiful..