Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Addie is Three!

Hey Everyone! Molly here!

A couple of weeks ago, I photographed my cousin's not-so-baby girl, for her three year portraits.
She chose a white dress for a more traditional portrait session, but she wasn't afraid to let her play in it! I was so proud of both of them. Some moms are so uptight about clothes getting dirty that they forget that kids need to play to be happy during a shoot.
And guess what..her dress wasn't even dirty!

Addie did SO great. It was a warm afternoon, and they say that Addie can be quite a handfull, but I have never seen any evidence of it. I think they are making it up ;).

Anyway, here are my favs!

She looks SO growny in some of these pictures...I think its crazy how much she looks like pictures of her mama when she was little.
I love watching kids grow up and see what part of the personality and looks they get from their parents.

Um, well. You know I had to sneak a couple pictures of the other little stinker in here. Libby is my other cousin's baby girl, who tagged along for the shoot. She did an awesome job just watching with her Mimi.


cbrownphoto said...

Wonderful photos. Looks like you really captured the personalities of these little tykes.
Thanks for the kind words you left on my blog.

jennifer Wilson said...

so cute! love the bow!