Thursday, August 14, 2008

Amanda + Nic

Hi everyone! Molly here! A few weeks ago, we went to Wakulla Springs, Florida for Amanda and Nic's wedding. Their ceremony was small, simple, sweet, and classically beautiful. As always, we had a blast! Here are a few of my favs...More to come later.
We'll start with the details:

I thought this was cute: A Pez Bride and Groom..

The bride and her father sneaking around back.

And waiting for the processional music...very calmly, I might add.

The flower girl and her brother. This is my favorite from the family portraits.
I just think they look like little models.

A beautiful bride!
At the reception, there was something fun for everyone.
But the ring bearer thought it was a lot hotter than Canada.
The first dance.
A great daddy-daughter hug!

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