Monday, August 18, 2008

Abby, Senior Portraits

Head shot for an aspiring actress.
That horse was creepy. He would sneak up behind you , stand there, and breathe on your neck. I'm still having nightMARES. <--pun
Abby has this intense look about her that makes me think I would not want to be on her bad-side... However, I like intense.

I would like to entitle this one "Perfume Ad"

Making friends with Fido..who followed us around the rest of the time.

Random dog was exhausted by the end of the shoot.


Abby said...

typing via mom (typing exactly how she is dictating): "LUUH*gutteral noise*VE it. you did a marvelous job "catching" the real abby. love the animal pictures, jus' love the whole thang. talk to you soon."

greta said...

two things: 1. perfume ad is so funny, because we have a similar soft/glowee/flare pic that amber calls "estee lauder ad", and 2. that wall mural or mirror or whatever it is is really neat