Monday, July 14, 2008

Ron's senior shoot

Hey Everyone!
It has been a crazy, busy summer. Thanks for all of your support! Here is a few photos from a senior photo shoot here in Thomasville. This is Ron. He's a senior at Thomas County Central High School. He was such a fun guy to photograph because he was up for anything. Thanks Ron! I heard he is an awesome french horn player, so I was excited when he brought his horn to the shoot.  I love it when people bring personal props to photo shoots. Thanks for being awesome Ron. Thanks Natasha being an awesome sister too!


ahmgunaeachoo said...

What a hottie. ;-) -Haley

Greta said...

I've been wanting to do a train shot like this! Did you find out when it would be coming, or was it just a nice surprise? Nice job! :)

Red Fly Studio said...

Hey Greta!
It was a surprise that it was coming. It was a very short train so I only got a few shots. I messed around with the train photo in photoshop and made it look more in motion than it originally looked :)