Monday, June 21, 2010

Stephany + Ricky :: Braselton, GA Wedding Photography ::

Hey everyone! Molly here!
Last month we traveled to Braselton, Ga for Stephany and Ricky's wedding at the Braselton-Stover House . We have been stalking....err... waiting patiently for these two to get engaged for quite sometime. She had no choice but to hire us. We have connections. Why is this couple so awesome?

When Stephany was 15, she made a list of the qualities she wanted in a husband and kept it for her wedding day. She said Ricky fits ALL of them. First on the list is "a strong Christian". My favorite? "Tells me I'm beautiful".

Ricky texted Stephany while she was having her hair done. He said, "Just saw and old couple holding hands. Can't wait to hold hands with you when we r that old." :)

Stephany's nephew kept everyone, including grandpa, entertained while the makeup/hair thing was going on.

We have a lot of brides who think their pets are important. We LOVE that!

I love these two shots that C grabbed!

After a few portraits, it was time to exchange some presents and read a note or two.. Nothing like 5 people staring at you to see what your reaction will be!

Then, it was go time!

I love that she stole a few peeks at him during the prayer.

You see that man in the middle up there? Former groom. That's right ladies and gents. Grooms marryin' grooms. . . Wait...

Everyone did a really happy dance back up the aisle. (even grandma)

Aren't they gorgeous? Love Ricky's dimples!

Our three Red Fly couples. Awww.

With a little drop of gangsta.

Stephany may have been serenaded.

Notice the lock and chain around dad's neck :)


Caroline said...

As if I wasn't already convinced that you'll be photographing my wedding when the time comes ... these photos are a dream! I think they are some of your best yet, and certainly everything I want my wedding photos to look like!
Also, that dress is to die for. Gorgeous.

Jessica Wylie said...

Love these! The location is gorgeous! My fave is the one of her peeking during the prayer. Super cute!
And of course the one with a "drop of gangsta."

Great job ladies-as usual!