Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ashley + Choppy :: Thomasville, GA Wedding Photography ::

Hey everyone! Molly here!

WOOOO. May was uber uber INSANITY ...on crack. We traveled over 1,900 miles and now we're playing catchup. June is crazy too. It's like..dang wanna spread out the love? November is lonely.

Anyway, just a heads up that the blog might be blowing up sometime in the near future. I mean it literally may explode.

Our second wedding of May was Ashley and Jason (aka. Choppy)'s wedding. It was the first wedding that I shot by myself in over two years. Although, I wasn't completely alone. You see, Cristina was IN the wedding, which made it difficult for her to take the photos...but she sure tried. She was good though and left the camera alone most of the time. I didn't even have to pop her hand and say "Nooooouhhh" (That's what Cristina says to her cats..yeah it ends in a uhh).

Anyway, I met Ashley a while back, but I heard about her from the beginning. She was Cristina's BFF growing up. She is beautiful, smart, and sweet and so is her man...Choppy. They make a great couple and an even better family. You see, it wasn't JUST Choppy and Ashley getting married...Choppy has a daughter ,Sidney, who was very involved in the whole day. I don't know that I can say that I've ever seen a family come together with such grace and emotion.

Also, huge shoutout to Ashley's mama who worked her butt off to make everything come together like it did. I thought she was going to pass out or internally combust.

On to the photos!

Cristina took some time to do some gorgeous bridals of Ashley.

K, Fast Forward to the wedding day!

My fav of Ashley on the day of.

Sidney, the cutest kid on earth.

The boys had a little TOO much fun with the portraits. This was about the time I may or may not have seen a few (way too white) butts. Seriously fellas, tanning bed.

Ok, sometimes we do a first sight with a bride and groom. Sometimes we do it with a bride and her dad if they are really close. On this day we did a first sight with Choppy and his daughter..who was looking for a "princess" reaction and got it. And I tried not to cry. fail.
It was one of the SWEETEST first sights ever. Sidney had happy tears and didn't quite know how to feel. haha!

Then it was time for the ceremony!

Gahh. One more moment where there were happy tears. so sweet.

Umm. Sorry...Ashley's granddad was too cute NOT to put on the blog. hah!

Thanks Ashley, Choppy, Sidney, Cristina, and "crew" for being awesome in general.


smittengreta said...

the one with the swishy horse tail cracks (haha) me up, but(t) (dang, i is sooo punny!!) the one right after it is beautiful!!

JessicaWylie said...

these are so wonderful! my friend ashley smashley is sooo beyoootiful!

franki said...

Jason and Ashley, these pics of you three are so beautiful. Truley you three are a very happy family and I wish you years and years of bliss!