Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kay + Doug ::Little Wedding; Big Love!

Hey everyone!
Molly here! It's late, and I'm in Albany (at my parent's house) for a cutie kiddo shoot tomorrow afternoon. I'm missing my honey, and thinking about love and luckiness.

A couple of weeks ago, we photographed an intimate ceremony for two of the most in-love people I have seen in a long time (and we see a whole lot of in-love people)!
Kay and Doug are two of those really lucky people who have found their soul mate...and it shows through their smiles and laughter. They totally couldn't keep their hands to themselves, and we didn't mind that at all. I love it when brides and grooms act how they feel on their wedding day...that's the only way it should be! And I mean that in the least creepy sense possible.

Anyway, it was a pleasure to work with Kay and Doug who invited us to their home after their tiny wedding. I hope these photos get you thinking about luckiness and love, too!

These are a few of both mine and Cristina's edits.

You never know who (or what..woof!) might show up to see you get married!

And then, the ceremony began...

And just that quickly..the ceremony was over!

The wedding was followed by a lot of vehicle love (and some cans).

Laughter and wish for everyone!

As always, Singletary's did an outstanding job on the flowers.

Kay had the most beautiful eyes. Cristina snapped these quick bridals while I was workin' on the rings!

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greta, smitten photos said...

love these! their happiness reaches out and grabs you through the pics!! not to mention, niiiiiiiiiice corvette!