Monday, April 13, 2009

Katherine + Taylor ::Lake Blackshear::

Hey Everyone!
Molly here! A few weeks ago, Cristina and I had a chance to photograph a beautiful wedding. Katherine and I were good friends in high school, but we had not seen each other in four years!
In high school, had you told me that I would be photographing Kat's wedding, I would have said "You're crazy!". Also, oddly enough, she and I ate our pre-prom dinner together at the very place where she got married. You never know what life holds.
You may remember Katherine and Taylor's romantic charm from their e-session. Well, despite a little dampness on their wedding day, they were just as charming on their big day. They have had a crazy load since then. Right when they got back from their honey moon they moved to another state! Cristina and I want to thank the two of you for letting us share in your special day.
Here are a few of BOTH Cristina and my favs: Prepare yourselves..there are A LOT!

Makeup Fun!

Bridesmaid fun!

Bew- Tee- Full

I love the one on the right. The water looks like blue koolaid. yum.

These ladies laughed on cue. We loved it!

Besides that, they were hottt with 3 ts.

ANTM anyone?

Taylor has this classic gentleman thing workin' for him.

I was trying to get Katherine's mind off of nerves, but I ended up LOVING these.

They had a string trio from the Albany Symphony Orchestra play during the ceremony, and they were awesome with cool whip on top.

"With this ring..."

A little damp at this point, so we took cover, and they held each other for warmth ;)

My fav. Cristina was workin' her magic. I'm surprised you can't see steam coming off the top of the umbrella!

C took over ring shots. hehe (I'm usually a detail hog).

Sweet toasts were exchanged. People cried.

The reception was filled with laughter and love.

..and a whole lot of dancing!

And then the sparks began to fly ;)

Congratulations Katherine & Taylor!!!


greta, smitten said...

beautiful wedding, couple, venue... and beautiful photos!!! great work girls!!!!! i esp love the 1st one of the girls on the pier laughing, and the umbrella ones are cute!

Beth Morgan said...

Love them...Love ya'll...that's all!

brooke edenfield said...

wow. these were amazing! beautiful! we cant wait for you guys to shoot our wedding!

brooke and matthew