Saturday, January 10, 2009

Misses McManx

Hey everyone! Molly here!
Ok, So I spend most of my time editing, by myself at home, while my husband is working. I get lonely. So i badgered him relentlessly about getting a cat until he gave in. We went on the pet adoption website and found a local animal shelter. We then adopted a 12 week old manx kitten, and I instantly fell in love with her. She has huge ears, long back legs, and a stub of a tail. Why do I love her?
Her stub still wags, and when she gets scared (washing machine spin cycle or TJ's feet) her stub puffs up like a rabbit tail. She also loves to be in my lap, and already knows where to poop! Anyway, she finds toys in the strangest things (I won't go into the details), and is scared of the catnip mice we bought her. She's so quirky and clumsy...just like me!

We haven't decided on a name yet, so for now it's Misses McManx. WE ARE OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS SO LEAVE A COMMENT TELLING US WHO YOU THINK SHE LOOKS LIKE.
T.j. wants to name her Eleanor Rigby, but that song depresses me. I think Roxy or Caroline. But we enjoy more sophisticated names too. Here are my fav.s of her over the past couple of days.

"Ooo. TJ's good shoes! Let me see if I can cram myself in there!"
I love the middle one because she is wagging her stub. Click to enlarge.

We bought her a laser pointer..and then the CRAZY EYES come out!

She loves to lay on her back and play.


She loves the light meter...drags it all over the house.

Soooo, what should her name be? Oh.. and did I mention that I'm allergic to cats?
And my macbook pro fan crashed yesterday. I'm on a pc. = (


Tammi Nowack Photography said...

She's so cute! I want one and I'm not even a cat person!

Similar to Roxy....What about Moxie? Hip and modern with a flair of sophistication.

LOL :)

Lindsi Jones Photography said...

She is cute kitty! I like odd cat names. My cat's name is Mrs. Cleo. I might not be the go-to person for cat names.

Lindsi Jones Photography said...

Did you name this cat yet?