Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ginny+ Tanner:: Thomasville, GA

Hey Everyone! Molly here! Ginny and Tanner were married the weekend after Christmas in Thomasville, GA. It was a great wedding to end the year with. Ginny and Tanner had a busy week. Two days after their wedding, they moved to another state! Tanner helps protect the country (he's a sailor). The two of them were so sweet, and the after party was CRAZY! Leave it to Thomasvillains to throw a great reception!
Anyway, here are both mine and Cristina's edits from the day.

The Ring Bearer and Flower girl were adorable, but they weren't that into photos.

However, our bride rocked it, super model style.

The first sight.

Ginny & Tanner elected not to see each other before the ceremony, which makes it difficult this time of year to get any good outdoor portraits...because it is obviously dark after afternoon ceremonies. We Lowell lighted it, and got these.

The country club was beautifully decorated...It still felt like Christmas.

Some details.

And then..everyone PARTIED!

By the way, the day I shot this wedding, I was feeling terrible. I had some kind of bronchial infection, and by the end of the night my throat was totally on fire. Luckily, they had a wedding director who yelled for me.

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Tammi Nowack Photography said...

These are stellar. Already told ya I love the headshot of the bride...and I love your processing on the bride/flowers one as well. Beautiful work.