Saturday, February 7, 2009

Libby, Logan, Chloe, and Addie

Hey Everyone! Molly here!
A couple of weeks ago, my aunt asked me to photograph her grandbabies--my cousins' children.
I thought it was an awesome opportunity to take a break from wedding photography and concentrate on portraits for a second. That, and I take any chance I get to be around cute kiddos! I always brag that my family has good genes...but I think the below photographs are proof. The secret to children's photography is: let them play, let them be distracted, and take a million photos in case they look at the camera all at once.

My Fav!

Libby, makin' faces!

Sisters & Buddies

Libby loves to give brother some lovin'.

...and a little aggravation, I'm sure.

Sooo, I have to go on a schpeel about Logan for a minute. I don't get to see my cousin's kids very often, so every time I see them they seem SO much bigger. Well, Logan was the first great-grandchild of the family. It wasn't until I was editing these photos that I began to get a little sentimental about him. He was born right around the time my husband and I started dating, so he may be the only kid who's birthday I actually know. He's also the only great-grandchild to have met his great-granddaddy. Anyway, Logan was a huge deal in our family, as he was the only baby around. My Nana always bought toys that sang to him, and moved. He pressed them repeatedly, so I think I hid them somewhere in Nana's house. I cannot believe how big he is, how handsome he is, or what a sweet big brother he is.. and how he deals with all those women ?! It leaves him and his Papa (my uncle) together quite a bit...and they are great buddies.

Addie is the one who always seems content and happy. Libby is a silly, adorable mess.

I've already given my schpeel about Logan. Chloe is the show-off, the one who is up for whatever. Out of them all, she reminds me most of me , when I was her age.


Tammi Nowack Photography said...

Cutie-patooties fo' sure. :)
Love your processing on the first one...and your dreamy black and whites. :)

greta, smitten photography said...

adorable kids! i love that one of libby by herself there on the right. soooooo pouty! i am making a think now of telling people what captcha word i get. this time, it's dingl. no lie.

ohana photographers said...

love the making faces shot!! they are just soooo cute! beautiful images!!