Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Banks Lake..

Cristina and I have been editing like crazy these past couple of weeks. We are still trying to get caught up on July weddings (we are OCD on making the pictures perfect)! Anyway, last week my husband and I took the day off for our 8 year anniversary of when we started dating.. Of course then it wasn't really dating. It was more like Mario Golf, walks, and movies on Friday night. Whatever..we were fourteen. Well, we went on a photo-excursion to a magical place, not too far away from our town called Banks Lake. Well, maybe it was only really magical for the mosquitoes and gators, but we had a fabulous time taking photos and comparing. I love that he loves what I love. He was using the camera he gave me that really got me into photography four years ago, and he actually took some amazing photos. Now, I am waiting for 172 photos to save and he is playing Call of Duty..so I guess I'll stop writing and post some photos already!

This one is of the cypress trees that are everywhere in the lake!

Macro!My husband took the one below of the dragonfly. He's pretty awesome, yes?

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