Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cristina's a blog hog...

Hehe, just kidding.
Hi everyone. This is Molly. I just thought I would share what a great spring break I've been having. I went to Albany to visit the fam, and now I'm in Valdosta visiting my fiance and his family. Tomorrow I'm going to Thomasville, Friday back to Milledgeville, and Saturday up to Atlanta for a family portrait shoot. Anyone wanna spot me some gas money? Yeah... I understand.

Well, I thought I would share some of my Easter pictures. My cousin's kids are hilarious and adorable.

Tess is the newest member of the family. She has the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen.

Addy was trying to get me to help her open her eggs.

Libby was looking for that candy!

Libby, in a fit of determination : "Give me that Easter basket!"

Addy decided to plop herself down in the middle of the busy kitchen, and I couldn't resist the photo opportunity.

Whhhew. Egg hunting sure is tiring. Can you tell she's a daddy's girl?

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